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Policies & Proposals

Here are a few position ("sponsor") statements from legislation I introduced during the 20221-2022 Legislature, many of which I worked to pass the Legislature.


Senate Bill 33 - Tax Credits for Value-Added Seafood Processing Investments in Alaska    PASSED the Legislature!

Senate Joint Resolution 25 - Condemning Russian Aggression and Supporting the People of Ukraine    PASSED!

Senate Bill 71 - Improving the Functions and Self-Reliance of the Alaska State Council on the Arts   PASSED!

Senate Bill 34 - Negotiating State-Tribal Education Compact Schools

Senate Bill 45 - Getting Vaping and Tobacco Products Out of the Hands of Alaska's Youth         PASSED!

Senate Bill 186 - Recognizing the Work of and Extending the Board of Optometry  PASSED!

Senate Bill 20 - Streamlining Out-of-State and Military Spouses Teacher Certification Reciprocity  PASSED!

Senate Bill 64 - Improving the Crab, Shellfish, and Mariculture Economies in Alaska (its companion bill, HB 41, PASSED!

Senate Joint Resolution 8 - Urging Congress to Complete its Land Grant Promise to the University of AK PASSED!

Senate Bill 19 - Recognizing the Work of and Extending the Special Education Service Agency  PASSED! 

Senate Bill 36 - Relating to University of Alaska Accountability and Accreditation Status

Senate Bill 32 - Establishing Alaska Middle Colleges

Senate Bill 72 - Promoting Civics Education in Alaska Schools

Senate Bill 126 - Restoring 120-Day Legislative Sessions as Provided in the Constitution

Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 - Establishing a Commission to Redesign the Alaska State Seal

Senate Joint Resolution 16 - Urging Congress and Russian to End Embargos on Alaska Seafood Products

Senate Joint Resolution 17 - Urging Congress and China to End Tariffs on Alaska Seafood Products

Click Here for a list of Legislation I Co-Sponsored in 2021-22.

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