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Campaigning takes a lot of effort and resources. Thank you so much for considering donating to my campaign. Contributions help immensely with the substantial costs associated with media, print, advertising, radio and postage. 


There are some important contribution rules consistent with Alaska State Election Law.

  1. Only individuals may contribute to the campaign – no company contributions;

  2. The name, address, occupation and employer of each donor are required to be disclosed;

  3. Political contributions are not deductible for tax purposes.


I’m running hard for re-election and greatly appreciate your support. I look forward to seeing you during the next Legislative session. We’ve had a great year passing more legislation than any other legislator – important bills supporting, for example, the fishing industry, K-12 education and the University of Alaska. Thanks again for helping me continue this important work for Alaska.


Campaign (check) contributions may also be addressed to:
"The Gary L Stevens Senate Campaign"
P.O. Box 201
Kodiak, Alaska 99615


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